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BERNINA ArtLink 8 Embroidery Software

The ArtLink 8 Embroidery Software offers you a host of useful features – download it from BERNINA now, free of charge!

Hassle-free hoop selection by mouse click

The BERNINA ArtLink 7 Embroidery Software features a hoop selection function that lets you specify the embroidery hoop you want with a click of your mouse. The embroidery software displays a list of suitable hoops, allowing you to make a direct selection – a time-saving feature that ensures you always find the right hoop for your design and project.

Grid view for optimum precision

Grid view helps you align and edit your chosen embroidery design accurately. The embroidery software displays guides that not only allow you to align your motif precisely, but also let you see at a glance your chosen design’s dimensions. This feature gives you a high degree of control while designing, and helps you accurately predict the appearance of your end result.

Slow redraw

The BERNINA ArtLink 7 Embroidery Software’s Redraw function displays the stitching sequence on your PC screen, enabling you to review the embroidery process before the first stitch is made. This practical tool lets you alter and correct the stitching sequence before embroidering out your project –helping you avoid mistakes and ensuring optimum control over the embroidery process.

Designing in Artistic View

The BERNINA ArtLink 7 Embroidery Software provides you with a range of editing tools that allow you to edit your embroidery design in Artistic View. Editing is done as in a conventional graphics program, and is quickly mastered even by inexperienced users, thanks to a clear menu navigation. Offering you additional creative tools for customizing your sewing and embroidery projects, BERNINA ArtLink 7 is an ideal add-on for your BERNINA embroidery machine. Rotating, resizing and mirroring are accomplished with just a few mouse clicks, and the embroidery software lets you zoom in and out of Artistic view at will, so that you can correct details easily or judge the overall effect of your design.

Easy customization of thread colors

The BERNINA ArtLink 7 Embroidery Software is a powerful tool that helps demanding embroiderers visualize and design their projects. The Preview features let you judge the effect of your color combinations with confidence, before you stitch out your project. Thread-color changes are quick and easy thanks to the built-in charts, and the embroidery software helps you select the right thread by clearly displaying the thread palettes of a number of major manufacturers. You can rest assured that your results will be identical to the preview, with the embroidery software ensuring the perfect match of design and execution.

Print out embroidery preview

Available as a free download, the BERNINA ArtLink 7 Embroidery Software enables you to print out your chosen motif in its original size, so that you can judge its effect as accurately as possible. The embroidery software lets you customize the chosen colors before they are stitched out, or position the printout of the embroidery motif on your project, in order to better gauge what the final result will look like. The software prints out the most important details of your motif on the edge of the graphic, leaving you with an overview of the necessary threads even when your PC and embroidery machine are turned off. This also lets you accurately gauge your material requirement and replenish your stocks of thread, especially when you are planning several embroidery projects at once. What’s more, this printout feature is a marvelous tool for archiving your projects, or sharing them with others – especially practical for looking up and reusing your embroidery motifs at a later date.

Free Download

The ArtLink 7 Embroidery Software offers you a host of useful features – download it from BERNINA now, free of charge!

ArtLink 8 Embroidery Software