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bernette London 8

bernette London 8 – a machine for all seasons, the creative flagship of the bernette series

Key Features

  • Two-level presser foot lift
  • Flip-top lid and dust cover
  • Recessed handwheel
  • Easy stitch selection
  • Memory

Award Winning Design

The bernette London 8 was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2012 . This award acknowledges superior design quality that expresses innovation in terms of both form and function.

Two-level presser foot lift

No matter how thick or thin the fabric is that you want to sew, the bernette 25 ensures perfect stitch quality. Because its two-level presser-foot lift ensures lots of extra space under the presser foot, it also sews thick layers of material and heavy fabrics effortlessly. Simply activate the bernette 25’s presser-foot lift, and even thick layers of denim and linen will fit easily under the foot. Thanks to its high needle penetration power, the bernette 25 effortlessly handles a wide range of fabrics perfectly – from delicate to heavy. And since the presser foot pressure can be adjusted to any fabric, the bernette 25 also helps you sew difficult sewing projects easily and successfully.

Flip-top lid and dust cover

Under the flip-top lid of the bernette London 8 are the spool holder, bobbin winder and thread tension dial. On the inside of the lid, you’ll find a chart that clearly displays all of the bernette London 8’s stitches for quick selection of the right stitch at any given time. Closing the lid after use protects your bernette from dust and ensures reliable functioning, as well as preserving its stylish “closed” look. The bobbin winder, control dials and spool holders are ideally protected during transportation and storage – no accidental catching on anything or damage from knocks.

Recessed handwheel

The recessed handwheel is just one example of how the bernette London 8 was designed with an eye for detail. Situated in a recess, the handwheel is mounted flush with the housing of the bernette London 8 . This means that not only is it easy to access and operate – it’s also well protected, and never in the way. Manual adjustment of the needle up/down position and manual fabric feed is simplicity itself. As with the controls under the flip-top lid, the “closed” blo:c design of the bernette London 8 is maintained, and there are no problems with protruding parts during transportation and storage.

Easy stitch selection

The bernette London 8 places a host of different stitches at your disposal, including a wide range of decorative, practical, quilting and stretch stitches – in addition to a sewing alphabet and ten buttonholes. With this range of choices, setting each desired stitch needs to be a fuss-free process. That’s why the bernette London 8 has a user-friendly stitch selector wheel that helps you find the right stitch in no time flat. Simply look for the number on the stitch chart on the inside of the flip-top lid, set the stitch, and you’re good to go. The number of your chosen stitch is displayed on the front of the bernette London 8. A particularly clever feature is the way in which the bernette London 8 lets you customize stitch length and width – ideal for creative techniques and amazing embellishments!


The bernette 25 is the only model in the bernette line that lets you store combinations of up to 30 different stitches in its built-in memory. You’ll be able to access your stitch combinations again and again, without needing to reprogram them first. This also holds true for alphabet stitches. Your settings can be retrieved in an instant, even after long breaks in sewing.

Six Stickers for Even More Individuality

For each model of the bernette London series, there are 6 stickers featuring London-related designs that can be simply applied to the machine and removed again, allowing you to give your bernette London a unique look.