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Service & Repairs

The Cotton Cupboard Quilt Shop services all BERNINA and bernette sewing machines. Our full-time service department is led by Bob Numrych, BERNINA Certified Technician. Bob has advanced certifications on the 7- and 8-Series domestic machines and the L8-series air thread sergers as well as the Q-Series longarms. Bob also is a BERNINA certified instructor and helps teach our new owner Mastery classes. Our 2nd technician is Stephan Dooley. Stephan has completed his first BERNINA training and is currently certified to work on all current BERNINA machines up to and including the 7-Series.

In addition to our in-house BERNINA service, Bob also has his own repair business personally and will service other brands. You can drop off your other brand machine and he will take it to his shop, perform the service or repair, and bring it back to The Cotton Cupboard Quilt Shop for your convenient pickup.


How often should I have my machine serviced?

An annual clean, oil and adjust (COA) service is usually sufficient. If you are an avid sewer (Million Stitch A Year Club), you will want to have it done more often. Listen to your machine - it will tell you when it needs attention.

What do I bring when having my machine serviced?

1. Foot Pedal
2. Power Cord
3. Bobbin and Bobbin Case
4. General sewing foot (#1, #1C, or #0 for older machines)

Please be sure that your Foot Pedal and Power Cord have your name on them. We do not need all of your accessories, manual, thread, needles, extra bobbins etc. If you are having a specific problem it is very helpful if you bring a sample of it with you.

What will servicing my machine cost?

-For regular domestic machines, a yearly clean/oil/adjust (COA) service will cost $99, plus parts if any.
-For Mega-bobbin machines (newer 4/5/7-Series) COA service will cost $149, plus parts if any.
-For 8-Series machines and L8 air-thread sergers COA service will cost $199, plus parts if any.
  If your machine also embroiders and you want your separate embroidery module checked and cleaned as well, the cost will be an additional $40.
-Regular serger and cover stitch machine COA service is $149, plus parts if any.

Actual repair visits when things go wrong or break are $60/hr plus any parts needed.

On-site appointments in your home can be scheduled as well. Cost is a flat $99 service fee plus .67/mile round trip and $60/hr from time of leaving shop to returning to shop.

How long will my machine be at The Cotton Cupboard for service?

Generally, you should have your machine back within 2-3 weeks. This will vary depending on how many machines are ahead of yours and if your machine needs any parts that are not in stock. You can call the service team and put your name on the schedule in advance and they can call you when they are ready to work on your machine so you can bring it then.

Also, same-day appointments can be made on a limited basis. For most machines*, you bring your machine in by 10am and it will be ready to pick up after 3pm the same day. The cost is an additional $50 over the cost of the regular service or repair. Advance scheduling is required.

*8-Series domestic and L8 air thread sergers are not normally scheduled for same day service because of the length of time they require to service.

A few tips to keep your machine running smoothly between services.

1. Change your needle every 3-4 bobbins (about every 8 hours of sewing).

2. Be sure not to pull your top thread back through the machine. Cut it at the spool, and with your presser foot lifted, pull the thread out through the needle.

3. Remove your stitch plate, bobbin and bobbin case and clean around that area with soft brush or Q-Tip. This should be done when you are done sewing for the day. (Note on Q-tips: These are wonderfully useful, but be careful not to leave any cotton shreds in the machine after.) DO NOT USE CANNED AIR TO BLOW OUT THE DUST!!!This actually blows many fibers deeper inside the machine.

4. Most BERNINAS have industrial-style hooks and require light oiling. Most bernettes use low-mass hooks and bobbin carriers and do not require oil. Refer to your owner's manual for instruction on whether/how often and where your machine might need oil.

5. Always use a surge protector for your machine.

6. When not using your machine keep it covered with a dust cover.

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